Can I have a telephone number diverted to me instead of someone answering my calls?

Yes, you require our Call Forwarding service.

Can I use your services for less than a month?

No. Our telephone answering & mailing services are for a minimum of three months. After this time you may provide us one month’s notice from the end of your billing cycle.

How do I pay for transferred calls?

You pay the handling fee for the inbound call plus the transferred part of the call at standard rates per minute.

Can I collect my mail from your office?

You can collect mail from any of our London Offices except our City EC1 address, however, this mail can be forwarded to any of our other offices for collection.

I am located outside the UK, how do I send payment?

You may pay by several methods. Credit/Debit card, Paypal, Online bank transfer, Swift Electronic Bank Transfer or Western Union Money Order.

Do you accept packages?

Yes, packages containing documents are accepted in the same way as letters whereas packages containing goods/merchandise (allowable up to 5kg) are charged a handling fee and possible storage fees if not collected within 48 hours of notification. *Note, the City of London (EC1) address does not accept packages.