Dear Customers

We as a company are doing everything we can to ensure COVID-19 does not interrupt the service we provide you. 

However, to take precautionary measures we are continuously washing our hands and wearing gloves to handle your mail, and clean our office everyday to avoid any spread of the virus.

We are going to have to stop customers from collecting mail to avoid any direct contact with staff and will be closing the office earlier (once all mail has been sorted and completed) for our staff to be back in their homes without any risk of being exposed.

Collect customers can choose to have their mail sent weekly, or monthly at £2.25+VAT per sending plus postage. Alternatively, have mail scanned and emailed at £2.25+VAT per letter. 

Should you require us, we will be contactable via phone until 3pm latest (UK time) or via email until working hours (4.30pm) 

We are continuously checking the updates on COVID-19 on the government websites to ensure that we are complying with all the necessary regulations to continue to provide you with a service as best we can.

We will keep you updated on when we can resume as normal.