As owners of businesses both large and small are seeing the economic benefits to not having a full time dedicated office space, this decision can also have a negative effect; especially when it comes to the seemingly cost-saving measure can actually end up costing business in the long term.

Taking advantage of the growing trend for a “virtual” office space is a solution which many business owners are finding can bridge the gap between cost-cutting and reputation-maintaining/making. Meeting with clients and customers in a city with as much emphasis put on professional reputation as London has can mean that trying to cost save with a smaller or less professional looking office can actually have a negative impact in the long run. Renting a virtual office London is a much cheaper alternative to the cost of a permanent office, and means that reputation can be made and maintained whilst managing much smaller overheads. Outgoings such as rental costs, business rates, utility bills and local taxes of a city centre can be avoided with an on-going contract with companies who offer virtual office spaces.

Traditional offices in the capital can cost anything from £100 per week to £1000 per week as pure rent, prior to any other costs or taxes being added on top of this. Virtual offices London can significantly reduce this cost. Additionally, aside from the prestige of an office address located in the city centre or one of the capitals’ industrial regions, one of the most desirable features of a Virtual Office London is that they are often fully equipped with state of the art technology, vibrant and luxurious furnishing and dedicated staff – with this, they can provide an attractive prospect for any visiting clients and leave them with a much better impression of the business.

A further advantage of the low costs involved with having a Virtual offices London is that they allow businesses whose usual base of operation is not in the capital but who have suppliers and partner companies within the area to maintain a presence there, but at only a fraction of the normal cost of running two fully equipped and staffed offices. This enables their personnel to use the office space and facilities as and when they are required but without the commitment of full time administrative or reception staff, although many of the Virtual Offices do offer telephone answering and mail services.

As more and more professional people, such as legally qualified individuals and accountants, see the benefits of working on a more freelance basis, having a Virtual Office in London can not only provide them with a base and all of the advantages which have been previously discussed but many options come with bespoke services such as professional advice and researching professionals.