Whilst more people recently either opt to work from home or have the type of job where having a permanent office or base for their business is neither necessary nor economically viable for them, there are a number of negative consequences which can result from this decision or necessity.

Although the advent of mobile phone, smart-phone and laptop technology enables the business person to remain in touch with their customers or clients through email, telephone conversation and text message, not having a permanent office where clients can visit and contact a “human user” can lead to a feeling of a lack of professionalism. The customer can also be left feeling frustrated at the high cost of having to call a mobile number every time they wish to contact the business or not being able to speak to the business because they are travelling, mid-way through work or dealing with other customers.

The Solution

Many business and tradespeople have identified this problem and the potential it can have for costing them in the long-term and have found a solution in the form of a virtual address . A virtual address is often an attractive or city centre located office which the small business can use as their registered address, giving them an air of professionalism which might otherwise be missing from their trade. In addition to the unique selling point of a prestigious address there is also capacity, depending on the particular agreement which is reached between the virtual address provider and the service user, to have additional services.

A mail service means that the users’ post can be sent to the virtual address and can be sorted and then saved securely in a designated space which can only be used by that user as and when is convenient for them.

A further popular service is a telephone answering facility which is gives the business a dedicated telephone line and a receptionist service ensuring that all incoming calls are answered and logged for calling back at a convenient time for the business. An obvious advantage of this is that the customers of the business do not have to have the usual frustration of failing to contact them or speaking to an answer machine during their working hours, only to have a call back at an inconvenient time.

Administrative Support

Many virtual address providers also have the option of an administration facility which is an experienced or highly qualified office assistant or team of administrators who can, on an ad hoc basis, provide administrative support to the business in question.

Virtual address providers often provide numerous additional services which can add to the professionalism with which the business is seen. Depending on the particular provider these can include the provision of a working environment for the user and their staff, meeting and conference facilities, modern technology such as wi-fi and reprographics centres and refreshment facilities suitable not only for the business and their personnel but also for entertaining and meeting with clients.